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This week, the delivery service ParcelPal announced that the beta status of its app has been removed and that all clients are now free to download the plugin on the Shopify platform.

Shopify is, of course, the world's favourite e-commerce platform provider whose environment allows small and large businesses to effectively conduct business on the web.

ParcelPal had a very successful six-month beta stint on Shopify, roping about 20 vendors who installed and used the plugin.

Calling itself the "Uber of delivery", ParcelPal is Vancouver's first and only "same day" or "on demand" delivery service providing speedy arrival of food, liquor, retail merchandise and even..yes..medical cannabis.

ParclPal's recent platform expansion to include liquor store and marijuana dispensary businesses will allow the Company to target as many as 300,000 potential new customers.

With Canadian cannabis legalization on the horizon and medical cannabis already being legal in 26 states, ParcelPal has positioned itself at the precipice of this exploding industry in hopes of capitalizing on the convenience customers receive from "on demand" ordering and delivery.

ParcelPal claims ".. as more Canadian cannabis vendors migrate from brick and mortar storefront dispensaries into the online market, their members will be able to take advantage of the seamless order-delivery procedure which conveniently delivers your product the "same day" or "on demand" which claims that members can receive their package "in an hour".

President Kelly Abbott states, "The launch of the ParcelPal Shopify App continues to move our Company towards a consumer-driven shipping solution by allowing consumers and businesses access to the ParcelPal network. This is another important step on the road to a North American footprint."

Check out more about ParcelPal here.

Information for this article was based on the original article from Yahoo! Finance.

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