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Recently CNN dove head first into the heated medical marijuana debate as it pertains to children and the findings should astonish the doubters.

Their story was about a little American girl who has a rare and devastating form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome. Charlotte Figi, 6, has been given her life back by medical cannabis oil.

Charlotte was just 3 months old when she experienced her first seizure. Her parents rushed her to the hospital.  While at the hospital, Charlotte got a full examination and work up with no conclusion or findings. She was then sent home.  
The following week Charlotte experienced another relapse, and for months her seizures increased in frequency with some lasting hours. The doctors tried different medications but nothing took successfully and the seizures always returned. Charlotte was placed on a special high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carb diet used to treat children with severe for of epilepsy.  The diet helped but  had a lot of side-effects. Charlotte suffered bone loss, immune system weakening and new behavioural problems emerged.

Two years later the seizures returned and by three years old Charlotte was suffering through 300 seizures a week.  The abilities to walk, talk and eat had deserted her.  Desperate for help, Charlotte's father Matt scoured the Internet and eventually located a boy with similar symptoms who experienced life-altering improvements when treated with medical marijuana.

The Figi's located the Stanley brothers. Famous in Colorado as some of the largest marijuana growers and dispensary owners, these six brothers were crossbreeding a strain with very low THC (psychoactive element) and very high CBD (medical element).

The problem was that they could not find a single buyer for this particular strain. But then they met Charlotte. After the first drop of cannabis oil was orally ingested, the results were staggering. The first sign that something was different was when she did not have her typical three or four seizures that first hour. After this initial treatment Charlotte did not have a seizure for seven days.  

Today Charlotte is eating and walking on her own. She is even able to ride a bike. The Stanley brothers promptly started the Realm of Caring Foundation, a non-profit which provides this particular strain of medical cannabis to adults and children suffering from a host of illnesses.  This strain has appropriately been named Charlotte's Web. Charlotte gets a dose of oil twice a day in her food and her seizures average 2 to 3 per month.

This article is based on this article by Saundra Young at CNN.